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1, We only accept the payments in advance by T/T(Bank Telegraphic Transfer),Western Union or Moneygram.Other payment like credit card is not available here.

2, Our Bank Informations:
A, By T/T wire transfer:
BANK ADDRESS: No.5047, Shennan RD East, Shenzhen, P.R.China 518001
A/C.: OSA11010920456301(USD)
A/C.: OSA11010920456302(EUR)
BENEFICIAL: F-MAX Technology Limited

B, By Western Union or Moneygram:
First Name: HAI MING
Last Name: ZHAI
Add: Shenzhen, Guangdong,China P.R, 518114
Tel: +86-755-8441 9539

3, Please make sure you had paied the bank charge because the transfer will go through some intermediary bank.

4, Please make sure there is no any mistake during the transfer,especially on the A/C account and beneficial name,or it may cause some delay or extra costs on remitments.

5, Please send us the bank copy after the T/T or the MTCN (10-digits Number for Western Union)& completed sender’s name immediately after payments,so that we can send out the goods in time.


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